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Can Replacing Your Roof Help Sell Your Home?

There are many aspects to look at when selling your home. While a new coat of paint or a few new fittings can help, sometimes more drastic action can be required. There are also some problems that can dramatically reduce the value of a home.

Roofing problems are such a factor. For some homeowners, this leaves them with a dilemma. You can either spend money on a new roof and sell for a high price, or leave it to the new owners and settle for a much lower price. Here we will look into the pros and cons of both options.

Curb appeal

When it comes to selling a house, how it looks from the curb is hugely important. While there are people who would be happy to take on a project, most people want a home that they’re going to be able to move into right away.

This presents more of a problem than selling for a lower value. This makes selling your home harder than it would be. Even at a lower price, there are people who wouldn’t want to take on the work and therefore wouldn’t bid.

Unfortunately, homes don’t always sell as quickly as you’d like. Trying to work out a simple financial equation might hide the fact that you may be stuck with your existing home unless you replace the roof. Being able to state that the property has a new roof in the listings will unquestionably increase interest.

Recouping your money

Trying to recoup money from home investment is hard to work out. A lot of the time it can be difficult to get all that money back but it can depend on other factors. It’s not a certainty that it will work and that’s a risk that some have to take.

If your finances are stretched then it can also be an issue. It might not be worth it to replace a roof if it’s going to cause you financial strain. It might be that you could make smaller repairs and aim to sell your home quicker that way.

Assessing the situation

Your own situational factors can also play a key role. If the house you are selling is in bad condition throughout, then replacing a roof could be seen as a pointless exercise. If you have a house in good condition that only needs a new roof, then that is a whole different matter.

If you have any concerns then it’s a good idea to get a roof inspection. This will allow you to be confident when someone comes to look at the house and will place you in a good position when it comes to negotiation.

Getting a quote for any repair or replacement will put you in a better position. It will give you a lot more information to make the right decision. You’ll also have a quoted figure to put to any potential buyers if you decide not to proceed with the work.

Avoid difficulties

While some situations are more delicate, others are more obvious. If you have a nice house in a nice area, then it’s going to be more difficult to sell if it has problems with the roof. Making a bad call here could waste a lot of time.

Your home could be on the market for months with a faulty roof. It could be then that you know it’s the biggest issue and decide to get it replaced. That delay in decision making could waste a lot of time where you could comfortably be in your new home.

The obvious truth

Will replacing your roof definitely help to sell your home? Well, an answer to that is difficult to give with any certainty. Will it make it harder to sell your home? That’s a question that’s easier to answer, as you know that replacing your roof can only be helpful.

In most situations replacing your roof is going to help to sell your home. It will likely increase the value of it and decrease the time you spend waiting for it to sell. In most cases, replacing your roof is going to be a great idea.

While that may be true, as we have seen, other factors can come into play. It’s a great idea to get a roof inspection with a quote and then make a clear decision with all the facts. If you decide to replace that roof then any sale will go through quickly and efficiently, and you’ll be in your new home in no time.